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This simple website is the first small step in a long-term, big project: recovering the histories of the dozens of communities inundated by river development projects — especially large dams — in the American West. If you know, or even have a hunch, about such communities, please send a message using the form below! Some examples of information you might share:

  • The name and location of an inundated community
  • What happened to that community? Was it moved?
  • When was the community drowned?
  • What dam or other river development project led to the community’s inundation?
  • What historical resources about that community are available? Local archives, museums, avid collectors of historical memorabilia from the area, etc.

The Atlas of Drowned Towns project manager will use the information you share to guide, inform, and shape research into and interpretation of the history of drowned towns.

Thanks for participating!

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