Restorative Waters—Breitenbush Hot Springs

Nestled in the tall evergreens of the Cascade Mountains lies a group of geothermal springs that have attracted visitors for generations. Breitenbush Hot Springs are situated in a natural clearing along the Breitenbush River some twelve miles northeast of Detroit, Oregon. To this day, visitors continue to enjoy the curative powers of the mineral waterContinue reading “Restorative Waters—Breitenbush Hot Springs”

Since Time Immemorial—The Kalapuyans and Molallans of the North Santiam Canyon

Since time immemorial, the North Santiam Canyon has been part of the territorial homelands of the Kalapuyans in the west near the Willamette Valley and the Molallans in the east near the Cascade Mountains. To better understand the history of Detroit, Oregon, we must know the stories of the people who first inhabited the land.Continue reading “Since Time Immemorial—The Kalapuyans and Molallans of the North Santiam Canyon”

Meet our Graduate Assistant, Rachel Klade!

Hello! My name is Rachel, and I am one of the graduate assistants for the Atlas of Drowned Towns. I joined the team in January 2023 while pursuing my M.A. in Public History at Boise State University. Although I recently graduated in May, I will continue to work with the Atlas team through the summer. Continue reading “Meet our Graduate Assistant, Rachel Klade!”