Atlas of Drowned Towns, Version 2.0

This simple website is just the beginning for the Atlas of Drowned Towns — see below for a (nonfunctional!) mockup of the next version of the Atlas. Version 2.0 (planned for summer 2023) will provide more ways to learn about and experience the histories of inundated communities: data on the scope and scale of displacement, historic maps and photos of lost communities, interpretive narratives that help make sense of displacement, and much more. Stay tuned for more information, and share your ideas about what you’d like to see in the Atlas of Drowned Towns, Version 2.0.

Please note: this is just a mock-up! The images, text, data, etc. are for illustration and demonstration purposes only, and are not actually correct.

Zoom Level One: Region (example: American West)
Zoom Level Two: Region with “Story” Layer
Zoom Level Two: River Basin (example: Willamette River)
Zoom Level Three: Project (example: Detroit Dam)
Zoom Level Four: Community/Place
Zoom Level Five: Street View
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